How Impacted Wisdom Teeth May Lead to Infection

How Impacted Wisdom Teeth May Lead to Infection from Smile at Coconut Grove in Coconut Grove, FLIf your wisdom teeth have begun to emerge, it is time to speak to your dentist. When these teeth are impacted, they can have some serious effects on your oral health. It is important for you to understand the risks these teeth pose and the steps you should take. Your dentist can walk you through the process of tooth removal or other things you can do. You do not want to increase your risk of developing an infection.

An understanding of wisdom teeth

Also known as the third set of molars, these teeth begin to cut through the gums in a person’s late teens or early 20s. Dental professionals believe that these teeth were once useful for people when diets consisted of nuts, roots, and an abundance of meat. Today, people soften their food through cooking methods, so the teeth are not necessary. There is often not much room in the mouth for these molars either.

When all four come through, the lack of space can lead to the teeth coming in at odd angles. This leads to improper development and impacts on existing adjacent teeth. As a result, these teeth can be difficult to clean. Impacted wisdom teeth may also cause jaw pain and swelling, among other problems.

Oral hygiene consequences

When a patient has impacted wisdom teeth, it is difficult to brush and floss them effectively. Some patients are not able to reach these teeth well with a toothbrush or dental floss. Because these teeth often come in crooked, the person may also not consistently brush every part of the tooth effectively. Over time, bacteria can form on and around these teeth as food gets trapped between them and the gums. Because the person may miss these teeth when flossing, gum disease can also develop.

How infections result

The longer bacteria remain on and around wisdom teeth, the more likely the teeth are to have an infection. Plaque and tartar can form, hardening on the tooth and destroying the enamel layer. The bacteria can eventually reach into the teeth, affecting the pulp and roots. Untreated, the infection can spread throughout the mouth and into the face and neck. As time goes on, the infection can even travel into the bloodstream and reach the heart.

Symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth

When impacted wisdom teeth develop infections, there are common signs to indicate there are problems. The patient may have extreme tooth pain that interferes with daily activities. There can also be jaw pain and swelling in the jaw. The person’s gums may be tender or begin to bleed. It may be difficult for the person to open their mouth. Some people with infected wisdom teeth may have an unusual taste in the mouth or have bad breath.

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Get help before these issues arise

Before your wisdom teeth begin to pose challenges, talk to your dentist about removing them. Wisdom tooth extraction can help you avoid serious problems. You should not have to live with this discomfort and risks to your oral health. Make an appointment with your dentist so you can discuss your options.

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